Tablet of Visitation
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Ziyárat Námih / The Tablet of Visitation is a special, illuminated, limited-edition presentation of this sacred text in both Arabic and English exquisite calligraphy.

The Arabic writing and style is reminiscent of elegant and graceful 19th century Qajar manuscripts. The English version blends 16th century, Renaissance-based writing and illumination styles with 19th century Persian border illumination.

The result of this artistic union has been painstakingly reproduced in a 9" x 12", hard-cover book using 4-color high-quality lithography and gold dusting. Full leather binding and gold stamping envelopes this masterpiece in befitting luxury. The book comes wrapped in a silk embroidered pouch for protection. It will certainly become a cherished heirloom—a valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations.

Priced at or near the production and marketing cost of $150, which includes domestic freight and handling, the book will be shipped immediately via UPS. Quantity discounts are available: Purchase five copies and receive the 6th copy for free.

ORDER NOW BY EMAILING FARSHEEDFERDOWSI@GMAIL.COM. Please indicate the number of copies you wish to purchase along with your shipping address. A link will be emailed to you to facilitate your payment.

Important Notice: This project was sponsored and underwritten by the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Brentwood, Tennessee, USA. Having fulfilled its original mission of raising significant funds for certain Bahá'í construction projects, the remaining stock of just a few hundred is now being sold to recover the initial development and production costs. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each book will go to the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Brentwood, Tennessee. From the proceeds, shipping and marketing costs will be paid first. The remainder will be transferred to the newly established Brentwood Bahá'í Vanguard Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial assistance and/or scholarship to the Bahá'í youth within the Nashville Cluster who wish to take part in training and educational programs offered at permanent Bahá'í Schools.